Security and privacy are our - and any lawyer's - number-one priorities.
Safeguard your data with Enoron's multilayered protection system.
We take special measures to ensure confidential information stays just that - confidential.

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  • Secured Connections

    All of our connections are protected using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL).
    SSL encrypts all information sent to and from Enoron and prevents eavesdropping, tampering and other malicious practices.
    By using a reliable signed certificate, you can be sure that every connection you make to Enoron is guarded and secure.

  • Data Encryption

    With us, your data could not be in better hands.
    All information stored in our databases is encrypted, even if they are hosted on a secure server. No one - not even our staff - has direct access to your data.
    If anything should happen, sensitive information stays safe.

  • Social Media Free

    To protect your data and ensure that no important information is ever shared by mistake, we are not linked to any social media platforms.
    Work is work, and only users you trust can interact with you and your information.
    The only networks we care about are the ones created for you, securely and privately, on Enoron.

  • Complete Control

    It's your data, you have complete control.
    You decide what information can be seen and modified, how that information is accessed, when it's accessed and by whom.
    By default, all data on Enoron is private. Only you can grant privileges to users you trust.

  • Real data deletion

    When you delete some data we truly delete it.
    Many online services keep deleted data on their databases, but we don't. If you decide that you don't want something to stay online, you are free to delete it.
    And you will be sure that it will be actually deleted. Forever.