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Become a part-owner of Enoron.

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The legal industry is changing

Lawyers, law firms and national Justice systems are rapidly moving towards the digital era and eJustice.

Our goal is to become the leading global law-tech solution.

Become an Enoron shareholder and own a part of the future of law-tech.

Invest in Enoron

Why invest?

  • Thousands of lawyers are already using Enoron from over 70 countries worldwide, in a market with more than 5 million potential users.

  • Enoron is cost-effective, by utilising a flexible ‘freemium’ model it ensures the best pricing on the market, while providing a fully featured solution.

  • Designed by lawyers, Enoron is the only platform that understands not only the functionality lawyers require from digital management, but also the user experience & design.

  • Despite zero marketing spend to date, Enoron is already meeting expected growth forecasts, with an average of 7.5 new registered users per day in the last 60 days*.

  • Experienced and dedicated management team with a clear and documented track record of successes and proven experience in law, technology, and business.

  • Enoron enables lawyers to improve inter-firm communication and grant specific access for clients and sub-clients, ensuring our global reach goes even further. This means our growth-rate is exponential.

* as of 21 November 2016

Built for lawyers,
by lawyers

Enoron is a complete management solution for lawyers and law firms.
As national justice systems are moving towards eJustice, it’s not a case of if, but when lawyers will fully move to digital management solutions.
Enoron is perfectly positioned to disrupt law-tech and become the to-go-platform in the field of law.

Invest in Enoron


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